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In business law it is essential not only to know areas of law such as tax, labor, corporate, consumer and civil law, but also to understand the dynamics of clients' business activities. More than understanding the law, the business lawyer needs to understand his client's field of activity, helping him to find alternatives and creative solutions to the company's difficulties and problems.
The area of bidding and administrative contracts has undergone constant updating of legislation, in addition to receiving innovative interpretations from the control and inspection bodies. For this reason, companies need to be advised by specialized lawyers who work frequently in this area, so as not to be surprised and included in discussions that could have been anticipated and avoided.
More than assisting in the prevention of acts of corruption, the implementation of the Compliance Program in the company enables the mitigation of its strategic and operational risks, in addition to the improvement of its corporate governance through mechanisms of Business Continuity Policies, which generate - inclusive - competitive advantage.

Compliance and Anti-Bribery Law

Business law

General Data Protection Law

Environmental Law

Notary and Registry Law

Civil right

Corporate law, mergers, acquisitions and restructuring

Public tenders and contracts

Trademark registration

Technology Law

Labor law

Tax law

Tax law

Dual Diligence

Tax law

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