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Like the best law firms, we have ethics as your guide for making decisions. Knowledge and experience show us the most appropriate way to find a solution. Commitment is our responsible way to honor our commitment to our customers.

However, where the common points end is where our differentials begin. The Nazário Advogados Associados office (Oab / sc 1.404 / 2008) adopts its own and exclusive methodology, which allows it to accurately understand the client's scenario and situation, and through its knowledge of cause and effect, its multi-specialized team and the his proactive stance, presents the best way to solve the problem presented.

In this way, choosing the Nazário Advogados Associados office means having a strategic ally, which provides the client with time to fully dedicate himself to his core activity while the office takes care of the issues and activities that involve the legal sphere.

Our Mission

Provide high impact legal services to companies in Santa Catarina, with agility, proactivity and efficiency, through qualified professionals in their respective areas of activity and supported by the most modern technologies.

Have satisfied clients and be recognized as a provider of legal services of excellence, with professionals carried out by the results achieved.

Our Vision

We gathered the relevant information about our office in a presentation.

Our way of working, differentials, team, structure and other details of the office are in our portfolio.



Attention to detail, which often makes the difference, is perceived even in the Office structure itself: each space at the headquarters was designed so that professionals can dedicate themselves fully to the search for the best solutions for our clients, without loss of focus.


In addition to well-planned spaces, we have great affinity with current technologies, used since the contact between our team and customers, as well as in internal management and in the protection and storage of sensitive information.

We are a family owned and operated business, through monthly reports, we demonstrate the way in which customer demands are being dealt with, with the specification of the activities developed, their situations and expectations. For our clients, this means agility in actions, focus on solutions and confidence in the office.

Strategic Legal Network

We maintain operational alliances with traditional law firms in the interior of the state of Santa Catarina and in the main capitals of the country, making it possible to fully meet any need of our clients with the delegation of operational acts, if it is previously authorized by the interested party, since it reduces costs and accelerates its realization.


In addition to the commitment to its clients, the Nazário Advogados Associados office supports and is engaged in actions to improve the social, economic and environmental aspects of Santa Catarina society, leaving a more dignified and sustainable life condition as a legacy.

Whether on a continuous or punctual basis, our team is always willing to assist, guide and defend social projects, engaging with the following areas:

  • Business associativism;

  • Young entrepreneurship;

  • Blood donation;

  • Child education;

  • Protection of the elderly;

  • Carbon neutralization of its activity;

  • Recycling of waste produced;

  • Environmental sustainability.

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